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So Sweet

I woke up this morning with Jackson sleeping at my head sharing my pillow and Brie curled up at my knees, I was so warm and it was so cozy I didn’t want to get up.. They are so sweet. Jacks does not sleep with us at night but he joins us very early in…

Enjoying my dogs Enjoying

We spent the day in the country and the dogs had a blast running through the woods chasing each other. As you all might know by now one of my favorite things is to watch my dogs enjoying themselves, it really brings me so much joy. I could watch them having fun for hours.

movie time October 2012

closing the sprinkler system through the woods we go poodle play time

Weekend with Four Loves

Sept 29 2012 Happy Birthday Jeff. I love dogs, but you must know that by now, I say to Mike daily, Look How Cute She or He Is, and smile knowing I probably say that 100 times a week. It is hard for me to Not talk about my dogs and if you mention Jacks…

Great Fall Colour

Great Fall Colour in the Country today. My Happy Boy Brie thought she was playing Hide and Seek 🙂 Its A Ruff Life.

Picnic….Give A Dog A Bone.

I did it, I gave my dogs a raw bone, Jackson wasn’t impressed but Brie gave me that I cannot believe this look. These were beef rib bones, I cut off the extra bone piece before giving it to them. They do eat some of the bone but it is soft because they are Raw….

Autumn in the air

Driving to the country today the leaves are starting to turn colors and some are falling, the wind was warm and blowing, and the smell of rain was in the air. The dogs ran for 3 hours through wet grass and I had such pleasure watching them.

Signs July 15 2012

I smile every day looking at these two new signs I bought.The first sign I nailed to a tree in my backyard. This one is on my car and I see people driving and smiling at me. and today in the country

For Unconditional Loyalty, Your Best Bet is a Dog

Loyalty is having a constant shadow, where I go my dogs go. They are always there to do everything with me. Dogs are loyal and loyalty should go both ways, I am so lucky to share my life with my dogs.

weekend in the country, my first video

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we are in getting a huge snowstorm. This is only the second one for the winter, not to terrible February. But it got me to thinking… maybe we shouldn’t be so unhappy about the extra snow. After all, spring is just around the corner and then we have THIS (see below) to look forward to….

Happy Holidays

Here we are on the last few days of 2011 and I’m looking back on what a great year it was. It was my first full year with Jackson and 6 months with Brie, what a year it was! we went on many wonderful walks ,gave out lots of treats, tons of playtime, and most…

You Had Me At Arrf…. Sweet Potato Chews

Healthy, homemade sweet potato chews for dogs! It’s that time of year…time for sweet potatoes! If you are out shopping for dinner, be sure and pick up some extra sweet potatoes to make a homemade, yummy, healthy treat for your dog! I love sweet potatoes and they are very healthy, they are a great alternative…

OMD = Oh My Dog

I know the dog is a part of the family, but do they really need a chair? Jackson eats on the floor! should I feel guilty? Dogs eat together with their pack in the wild, so it is only logical that a dog would love a chair… Or, would he?

Mr. Muddy Paws loves his backyard

The past few days it has been rainy, gray, and cold, creating an outdoor experience that is just plain yucky for us but a wonderful environment for my 9 month old puppy. In short, Jackson loves sniffing and running in our muddy backyard. Mike, my wonderful husband is our gardener, he diligently pulls weeds and…

House Rules for Dogs

1. The dog is not allowed in the house. 2. Okay, the dog is allowed in the house, but only in certain rooms. 3. The dog is allowed in all rooms, but has to stay off the furniture. 4. The dog can get on the old furniture only. 5. Fine, the dog is allowed on…

Spring has Sprung and so has Mud

My tulips are peeking up now. Thanks David, my brother bought me bulbs a few years ago for my Birthday. I saw them this morning when I went to walk Jackson. We’ve already sprung forward and Passover is on its way!” Spring is here! not totally in full bloom yet, but she has most certainly…

Morning Makeup

Jackson got into my makeup this morning, I was out for 2 hours, when he hears the automatic garage door open he runs and sits on the steps waiting for me to open the inside door, Hi ya Jax….and ……..I see a nose full of beige something, WHAT DID YOU GET INTO?, I walk upstairs…

Chicken Breasts for Jackson

Chicken Breasts , last nights dinner Not Makes 1 portion   1.Watch mom put chicken on counter. Boneless is best, goes down better.   2.When no one  is looking, jump up to the counter grab and swallow whole.         Very tasty.  3.Hide, or mommy and daddy will take you to doggy hospital to get chicken back. Not good. …