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I was at a restaurant this past weekend and ordered the jambalaya. It was pretty good, though not quite the same as I had last time I was in New Orleans. Haing looked at 6 different recipies, I’ve decided to make my own: In the pot at the start: 3 large [ ... ]


1. Buy a baguette (a 3 foot long crusty french bread). 2. Cut off the last inch of each end and slice down the middle – do not cut in half, just fold it over to open it. 3. Slather one side with bright yellow mustard. 4. Use a cheese slicer [ ... ]

Thick Veggie Soup

The giant pot will once again be used.. In the pot put: 1. Three liters of either chicken broth or veggie broth. I prefer chicken, though if you want to make this real vegetarian soup then use the veggie 2. Four medium sized potatoes cut into 1.5-2 inch chunks 3. Eight sticks [ ... ]

Guinness Chicken

Take a whole chicken and place it in the roasting pan (the same pan as I use for lasagna). Pour your favorite BBQ sauce liberally over it until it’s thickly coated. Add baby potatoes and mini (pre-peeled and cut) carrots to fill up most of the space left in the [ ... ]