Puffed Scones

Puffed Scones

Hidden in the middle of the State of Utah, In a beautifully green canyon was a restaurant called The Black Steer. They had the tastiest steaks in the State! (Say that 3 times fast) The best thing wasn’t on the menu though, it came with our meal as a bread. This was like no bread I had ever tasted! I had to have the recipe. This took some serious chef Schmoozing I have since served these great puffed scones in my home, for family and friends, and my places of employment on a Sunday Brunch, much to the raves of all!

TIP: Always pursue a good recipe. Put it in your purse, dissect it, play with it, perfect it, and VOILA! You will have re created a masterpiece!

2 Tblsp salt
4 Tblsp sugar
2 ½ Tblsp corn oil
2 pkgs yeast (2 T)
2 cups milk
4 cups warm water — Start with 6 cups flour

Combine salt, sugar and oil Add milk and warm water. Dissolve yeast in mixture. Stir in by hand the flour, a little at a time until mixture is like a batter. Continue adding flour until it is the consistency of a bread dough. Knead several minutes. Put into greased bowl and let rise to double in size. Mix down and repeat. Pull off small balls and stretch apart. Drop into grease one at a time and fry until golden brown.
Serve with butter and Jam or honey…or even honey butter!

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