Bomba, Hot Pepper Paste

Sometimes a recipe just hits the nail on the head. You know what I mean – you find a recipe that is relatively simple and straightforward that somehow yields the most fabulous tastes and textures as its final perfect product.
This recipe was in our local newspaper last week and I knew my family would love it.
I use it for sandwiches, a teaspoon or two in sauces, Thanis used some in minced meat for burgers, and it would be most excellent with grilled meats or fish.
The first time I made it, it was so hot I cooked additional 3 bell peppers and blended them in to lower the heat. This version is hot but not fire-alarm hot, and should suit first-timers.

2 jalapeno peppers
2 serrano peppers
5 sweet cherry peppers
8 red bell peppers
5 cloves of garlic, cut in half
vegetable oil
1 bunch fresh parsley
salt to taste.

remove and discard stems from all peppers and cut them in large chunks. Heat about 1/4 cup of vegetable oil in a wok or large heavy pot over medium heat and add all the peppers and garlic.
Then add the parsley stirring it in as the mixture begins to soften.
Lower heat to low and cook, stirring occasioally, until the mixture has softened about 45 min.
cool and blend smooth in a food processor.
Add more oil to taste or make a soft paste. season with salt. refridgerate.
freezes well.