So Sweet

I woke up this morning with Jackson sleeping at my head sharing my pillow and Brie curled up at my knees, I was so warm and it was so cozy I didn’t want to get up.. They are so sweet.

Jacks does not sleep with us at night but he joins us very early in the morning. I then have trouble moving cause I am the first one out of bed. But when he first gets up he is so thrilled to be up he gives kisses to everyone. So sweet for sure.

There are so many sweet things I can pick out in a day . I watch them and notice how sweet the smallest things are.
When I come home they are both standing at the top of the stairs waiting for me to open the door, tails are wagging and they both go into the garage and stand at the back door of the car waiting for me to open it, they want a car ride to the park, so off we go. Honestly how smart is that?

I love how they communicate, Their faces, body language, vocal noises……………….they really make me laugh out loud with their noises ( or language) I speak Doggish do you?
Not a day goes by that I don’t say so sweet.