Mr. Muddy Paws loves his backyard

Today Jackson April 4, 2011 9 months old Big Boy Haircut 005

The past few days it has been rainy, gray, and cold, creating an outdoor experience that is just plain yucky for us but a wonderful environment for my 9 month old puppy. In short, Jackson loves sniffing and running in our muddy backyard. Mike, my wonderful husband is our gardener, he diligently pulls weeds and tosses grass seed on the bare spots, but to Jackson the yard is his playground, , mud patches to run through, and always on the lookout for squirrels.
He doesn’t care about the grass, whether I have lush perennial gardens , or that the weeds have won. He just likes to be an explorer dog and play in the mud. Now about my garden. I really have more problems than solutions. he is, shall we say, a bit mental when it comes to people and cars passing by. Since many of the dog owners in the neighborhood walk their dogs by our house on the way to the park , Jackson spends much of his backyard time charging the fence and barking.
I am unable to modify his behavior right now, I am waiting for warmer weather to be out doors with him, screaming commands from the back door doesn’t seem to do it, So… am left to modify the garden?.
will he continue to trample the shade garden mercilessly. I have a bad feeling my ferns and hostas are going to have a tough time.

I wonder if one day he will mellow and greet the neighborhood dogs with a friendly bark from the patio.hmmm Chelsea never did.