Morning Makeup

Jackson got into my makeup this morning, I was out for 2 hours, when he hears the automatic garage door open he runs and sits on the steps waiting for me to open the inside door, Hi ya Jax….and ……..I see a nose full of beige something, WHAT DID YOU GET INTO?, I walk upstairs and I see polka dots all over the floor, and all over my leather couch in the family room :((
“an open door is an invitation”? I guess that’s what I am doing here, am I telling him (leaving him alone in the room) that it is ok to take, chew, or play with anything he can reach. Jackson took Mikes cell phone off the coffee table right in front of me and had settled down for a good chew before I could startle him into leaving the phone alone. I knew I had to play it cool or else we were going to play a game of snatch run and chase with the phone. (One of his favorite games) Instead I picked up a squeaky toy and gave it a squeak. Well he dropped the phone right away, I put the phone in a safe place and rewarded him for coming to me by playing with his toy. Am I giving him too much freedom? Going to go clean some leather furniture now. Grrrrrrr.
Remember puppy parents…..
A tired puppy is a good puppy.

Note to Mom:
If you didn’t want me to eat it, why did you leave it out where I could get it?