I was at a restaurant this past weekend and ordered the jambalaya. It was pretty good, though not quite the same as I had last time I was in New Orleans.

Haing looked at 6 different recipies, I’ve decided to make my own:

In the pot at the start:
3 large tomatoes
1/4 white onion
6 small pieces of garlic (which work out to about 1/3 of the clove). This is probably too much, though I’ll find out later.
1 small can of chipotle peppers – there are 6 peppers in the can, and a lot of juice. These peppers are perfectly to my taste, though most humans would probably call me insane. Pietro tried some of the juice, and motioned that it was at the upper limit of his tollerance. For most people I’d suggest using 2 of the peppers and adding more later per their taste.
1 package chicken broth (1/2 litre) – or Blima’s chicken soup. This would be a waste of very good soup, so I’d suggest the broth. Save the soup to put in a mug for later.
Cut the above into small-ish (3/4 square inch) pieces and place in pot (a nice big pot which I guesstimate at about 5-6 litres).
Bring to a boil, then reduce oven to number 3 (of 10) and let simmer.

1/2 red pepper
1/2 green pepper
1/2 yellow pepper
1/2 orange pepper
1/4 red onion
1/4 white onion
Take each of the above, and grill on the BBQ for 10 minutes each side. The peppers should be on medium, and the onions on low (my BBQ has 4 burners and is most excellent). Once they are done, cut into bit sized pieces, and add to the simmering pot.

16 medium sized shrimp
Grill these on the top bars so that they don’t stick to the BBQ or fall in, and when finished take off the tails and add whole to the simmering pot.

Use one large or two small chicken breasts. Butterfly and add some BBQ sauce on the BBQ (Blima’s BBQ sauce is best). When done cut into bit sized chunks and add to the simmering pot.

Grill 4 small or 2 large saussages (spicey italien ones from the Jean Talon market) on the BBQ. When done, cut into bite sized chinks and add to the simmering pot.

Other meat:
I took some leftover lamb from the fridge, cut it into bite sized chunks and added to the simmering pot. Grilling some steak and doing the same would be an option, or buying the small pieces at the grocery (I belive they call it stewing meat – though am not sure of the toughness / yumminess of that meat.) I’ll see how this goes, and decide later after Blima gives her counsel.

A bunch of oregino (no idea how to spell that correctly, so I’ll probably add a spell check to posts in the near future).
Some parsley
One of the most excellent peppers from Blima’s garden which were dried out over the winter.
Some fresh ground pepper. I turned the turney thing for about 30 seconds till the cat wouldn’t leave it alone. I would have put in another few turns had she not become obsessed with the thing.
A dash of salt. I dont’ know if it needs salt, though almost every recipie has salt in it, so I thought it couldn’t hurt.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the rice.. I could make some of the 10 minute kind and put that in the middle of the plate and the jambalaya around – it would be mixed in on the plate, or add it to the simmering pot. As there was more liquid in the pot than I wanted, I added some of the yummy-good mixed rice (1/4 cup) and some dried mushrooms (half a handful) that I use for Blima’s risoto to the simmering pot, and set it for 45 minutes (how long the risoto takes). I’m also making a small amount (1/2 cup) of 10 minute rice to put in the middle as I belive it will look nice – and be more fun to mix in.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.. There are 8 minutes left on the timer..