1. Buy a baguette (a 3 foot long crusty french bread).
2. Cut off the last inch of each end and slice down the middle – do not cut in half, just fold it over to open it.
3. Slather one side with bright yellow mustard.
4. Use a cheese slicer to make thin sliced of an old cheddar and cover the other side.
5. Add some chrain (horse radish & red beat mix) on top of the cheese.
6. Slice some smoked turkey, smoked ham, cooked turkey breast, and cooked ham into thin slices (or buy them as cold cuts from the market), and place in alternating slices – so that any particular bit will have at least two flavors in it.
7. Grill 1.5 feet of spicey saussage.
8. Slice (using a very sharp knife) saussage into 4 long strips (quartered).
9. Place two quarter slices at the edge of the outside of the bread end to end to cover the full length of the bread.
10. Place the other two quarters end to end in the middle of the bread.
11. Slice 20 cherry tomatoes in quarters, and place them in between the saussage quarters.
12. Slice 2 pickles into quarters, and place them on the other side of the saussage (from the tomatoes).
13. Add hot pickled banana peppers to taste (I like a lot of them).
14. Take a type of cheese that melts well (provolone or friulano) and place some at the edge of the sammich on top of the open part of the bread so that it can melt down and cover the opening of where you cut the bread.
15. Place in the oven for 4 minutes on low broil to melt the cheese.
16 Depending on how you cut the sammich, it can feed from 2 to 5.