Lower-Fat Turkey Feast

Tips and Tricks for a Lower-Fat Turkey Feast

Roast your turkey on a rack.

Try roasting several turkey breasts instead of a whole turkey — you’ll have only the lower-fat white meat.

Baste turkey with apple juice instead of its own juices.

Use cranberry sauce instead of making higher-fat gravy.

If you make gravy, refrigerate the juices and skim off the fat first.

Roast the stuffing separately from the turkey.

Make a stuffing that contains fruit rather than high-fat nuts.

Carve the turkey in the kitchen and remove the skin. You won’t be as tempted to eat the high-fat skin or nibble on extra meat!

Choose white meat over dark. 4 oz. of white meat, without the skin, contains only 3.7 grams of fat – less than half the 8.2 grams of fat in an equal portion of dark meat.

Mash potatoes with skim milk and a dollop of no-fat yogurt and sour cream rather than whole or 2% milk and butter.

Use apple juice or maple syrup to fill and flavor squash rather than butter and brown sugar.

Start the meal with a low-fat soup to take the edge off hunger and fill your table with many harvest vegetable dishes (low-fat!) to enjoy.