How to Clean Silver

How to clean Silver utensils etc. Using a sheet of aluminum foil, hot water, baking soda, table salt and a pan to do this in.
Place a sheet of Aluminum foil on the bottom of any baking pan. Put your tarnished silver on the sheet. The silver must be touching the aluminum sheet.
Heat some water (in a kettle or souse pot) enough to pour into the pan, covering the silver. Add a small amount of salt.
Add a cup or two of fresh baking soda to the hot water (add baking soda before it gets to hot or your solution will bubble over) and salt solution.
Once dissolved and quite hot, pour this over the item – making sure contact is maintained between the item and the aluminum foil.
Watch the tarnish disappear, this process is sure to impress small children or anyone who did not pass middle school science.
Remove when water is cooler and polish dry. It works well and is far less time consuming and expensive than using a silver or metal polish.