Best Vanilla To Use

Saw this in the Spring Edition of my LCBO magazine. Anna Olson only uses Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. She talked about them in the article, I looked it up and these are the kinds and what to use them for…

Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla is especially suited to rich foods such as ice cream and buttercream. Pieces of whole Madagascar vanilla beans can also add rich aromatics to potpourri for a pleasing air freshener. Madagascar bourbon pur vanilla, Indonesian vanilla

For staying quality in products with coffee and chocolate, or for yogurt-based drinks, the blend of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla and Indonesian Vanilla is the choice to make. This blend is also the one to use when your process requires the use of high heat, as in high heat/low mass cookie production.

Mexican vanilla products and extracts Spicy Mexican Vanilla complements the flavor of cinnamon and can help reduce the acidity of tomato-based products like chili. Use Tahitian Vanillas to potentiate the flavors of fruit-based products such as sorbets and toppings.